#ExploreNetherlands: Giethoorn

Hi, everyone!

I went to The Netherlands during easter/spring break last year and got train tickets that can took me anywhere i wanted, so i went to Giethoorn few days before i left! Tbh, i didn’t even know where was it located (turned out it was near the border with Germany, which is quite far from Den Haag where i started!) and literally didn’t know anything about it except for the fact that it is a small city that surrounded by canals and not really touristy because not many people know about it yet (which is good at some points) and it is called “Holland Venetie” due to the similarities with Venice, Italy.

Sooo  here’s my story..

For those who didn’t know, i’m not a morning person since i moved to UK, and that day, i wasn’t so prepared and woke up a bit late. Then i took the wrong train. JUST MY LUCK. I took the Sprinter train, which is the train that literally stop in small stations, mostly used for workers who live in suburbs or train for locals people (probably like KRL in Jabodetabek? not really sure either because i never use it lol but yeah..) and i was like “holy crap why i took this? why the train felt so slow?” it was actually fun but scary at the same time since i didn’t know where this train actually took me, like, you know, when you just not sure it’s the right one. Oh, i think i failed to mention that i was alone. Yes, i wasn’t accompanied by my aunt/uncle simply because they both busy taking care for the kids and also working since it was during weekday.

When i finally arrived in Zwolle Station (the closest city from Giethoorn), i asked the lady in ticket office about how to get to Giethoorn and where’s the bus station located which thankfully right outside the train station. I had to wait for like 30 minutes for the bus to arrive. During the bus journey, my parents in Jakarta and my aunt were worried about me since i wasn’t arrive in Giethoorn yet and it was around 2 p.m already, and i had to catch the train back to Den Haag before dark. It was like really challenging because the trip was 2  hours and you know, bus, it stops a lot. Thank godness i found 3 indonesians exchange students who were traveling as well, and they were really kind for asking me to join them since we were going to same place. We had to wait for 30 minutes in a small stop for changing the bus driver! (i was starting to loss my mood to enjoy it anymore by then LOL.) but after that we continued the journey. Once we got out from the bus, we walked down for a bit and let me tell you, it was so damn quiet like really peace and so relaxing!


There were some cute small cafes and restaurants omg  <3<3

We set the time for like one hour in strolling around there and just taking pictures enjoying the beautiful city..

I swear i never seen a place like that before. Like really, i can’t imagine living in there, it must be amazing and probably bored due to the lack of entertainment and the city itself is far from everywhere but hey, who doesn’t want to move there??

I’m absolutely in love with this place.. No need for further explanation though, you can just see it yourself! 😛

After decided to just walk to bus stop so we can go back to Zwolle Station, we were late by 2 minutes and the bus gone. You know, in small city, the bus running every hour, so we had to wait for 1 hour for the next bus. But of course, the luck just not with us that day, because turned out the bus was being delayed for like 30 minutes and that will be the last bus (supposed to be second of the last bus)! Holy molly, i was scared and pissed at the same time, i kept checking the train time schedule because i sure as hell didn’t want to come home at night for the first time, by myself.

Then, after we got into the bus for like 30 minutes, we stopped in one of the bus stop and waited for another 30 minutes to change another bus. Freaking annoying. It was cold as well, like we were freezing because it was around 5 p.m and the sky getting darker. We talked and just you know, getting know each other, sharing traveling stories, and stuff like that while we waited. I was really glad when we got into the bus and quietly praying for the bus to run faster because i didn’t want to be late for the train. I swear i never been in so much stress like that before LOL and i was hungry because i didn’t get the chance to eat anything. The bus stopped in Zwolle Station like so close for my train to go, i was running and i had to caught my breath like a crazy person when i finally found my seat inside the train. Right after i sat, the train started to move. I was so relieved i didn’t have to wait for the last train to Den Haag because i will be so screwed if that happen.

Finally, i arrived home around 9 or 10 p.m and that was like the first time ever i went to a place that really far and by myself. But anyway, i’m proud of myself though because i got that courage to went there, tried something new, met new people and i learned a lot from this jorney. Although i’ve been to Giethoorn and it was not so easy trip, i would like to visit there again one day in future, probably with my aunt and her family by car which will be easier!

For all of you who want to go to Netherlands, i suggest you to go to Giethoorn so your holiday won’t be too mainstream ;P

Alright.. i guess i’ll just leave it here then, thank you for reading this,

Take it easy guys, stay safe and i see you soon!

Cheers x


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