Book Review: One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

Hi, everyone!


Alright.. Writing a review about this book is going to be a challenge since i know there are a lot of things i want to put but obviously, i can’t. Aha, so let’s just start then and i really hope you guys will like it šŸ˜‰

This is a story about 3 different types of women who become close friends through an Italian class. At the first glance, i thought it will be based in hot and sunny, beautiful scenery of Rome, Milan or Venice. But then it turned out to be set in Sheffield, England. Yep, i was a bit disappointed but at least i’m not feeling so-out of place when reading this since i’ve been living in the UK for like 2 years now.

The first story is about Anna, a reporter, who has been doing her boring routine for ages, hate her job, dealing with a weird-spread sheet loving boyfriend, Pete and never meet or have information about her father until later on, she found a little clue that her father is Italian. The first few chapters about her made me cringe and keep rolling my eyes since i have no idea how she can manage to stay with her boyfriend while she keep complaining about her boyfriend, which is ridiculously annoying (yes, Anna, i will dump him before i found out about him and the other woman!). Anyway, once she found out about her father being an italian, she started to search for him, even though it seems impossible. During this journey, her life changed, everything italian from joining cooking class which then improve her career as a journalist. She also join anĀ italian language class. Everything just to know more about her Italian-bloodline heritage.

“Sometimes, you just had to follow your heart, even though it was terrifying as hell.”-Anna

Eventually, i started to admire her. Specially how determine she is to find her father, and her positive spirit for doing all these even though she is emotionally struggling. She keep believing with it and in fact, she enjoing her new life. She found happiness. That is what matter the most, isn’t it?

The next character is Catherine. A loyal, loving, and kind-hearted mother. I’m not kidding when i feel so proud with her character development in this book. She is having a hard time contemplating her life after her children going to university, then she found out about her husband’s affair. I felt like giving her a big hug, specially on christmas day when no one helping her in the kitchen and how her children being so ungrateful! Oh i also hate her awful husband, Mike been bullied her for years and how bad he treated her. I’m glad when she finally out from her shell, to be that strong, brave, and back to how she used to be! Her classmates in Italian class are so great as they encourage her and i love how supportive they are with each other.

“People who switch their niceness on and off are not to be trusted. Take it from me.” -Catherine

The last character is Sophie, a bright girl who has been working in places in order to earn money so she can move for her next destination. She’s the real traveler! She’s been in Italy until she received an information about her father’s heart attack. She was hestitantĀ to come back home, because she can’t be controlled by her parents anymore. I like how easy going Sophie is and okay, a bit of jealous because she can travel the world by herself and make friends! (how amazing is that?!). I’m really glad to see her relationship with her mother getting better and how great she is when teaching italian class. It’s such a journey with her, to be back in England and everything else she’s not used to be anymore. Oh how I love her dad, he’s so hilarious and funny which kind of showing me how british dad is. Well, about Dan.. the mancunian ex-boyfriend of Sophie, he is so adorable and the way she acted around him is so cute and funny, like just typical girls when we are with the guy we like ;p

“Cheers everyone, Here’s to whatever happens next”. -Sophie

I love how she can just let go of things at the end, and just let it flow of what will happen in the future because we never know! Then, there are some supporting characters like like the lovely couple, Roy and Geraldine who reminded me of my grandparents back home, sisters Phoebe and Nita (they’re like so funny together!), then we haveĀ Freedy, the mysterious classmate and lovely George (he did such a sweet thing for Catherine at the end though, i can’t even!!)

The book was really amazing specially if you like chick lit! I think it’s amazing how Lucy managed to pull 3 different characters into one book. The way she connected them all, and make it like such an easy reads, just beautiful! If you guys are up for fast pace read, definitely this is the book! I’ll give this book a 4/5 stars and i love how pretty the cover is!

“Funny how life turned out, wasn’t it? Sometimes you seemed to complete a full circle.”

– Lucy Diamond, One Night in Italy

Take it easy guys, stay safe and i see you soon!


Cheers! X


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