Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Hi, everyone!


For all of you who like young-adult, a typical romance, light and fast-paced read, then this book is should be on your list!

This is a story about Cath, who is a huge Simon Snow fan, which she also became a fan fiction writer. She is funny, introvert and awkward. She also has a twin, her name is Wren, who is a totally different since she is more easy going and care-free. They finally go to college in separate ways because Wren want to meet new people and experience new things, while on the other hand, Cath doesn’t really like the idea of it. In fan fiction world, Cath is very famous where she has lots of followers always waiting for her update. Sometimes, she found it really hard to balance life between real world and fictional. As i said, she is an awkward person who choose to be locked in her dorm room all night and eat cereal bars in order to avoid the cafetaria (mostly all people in there).

Cath has a roommate, her name is Reagan and she is that type of a girl who will make you feel intimidated without even trying. Well, she always bring a guy named Levi to the room which then make him close with Cath. Oh God, you will love him since day just like i did! He is that charming guy who always friendly to people, has that ten thousand smiles and so so cute. He is smitten by Cath.

“I’m just gonna walk home. I’ll be fast. I’m already walking.”

“Levi left as soon as the phone rang. You may as well wait for him.”

There were little things he did for Cath and i just can’t believe how could she didn’t realise that he like her! I mean, who in hell want to go out in the dark and cold night just to get her from Library if he doesn’t like her?!

But bloody molly, Levi is such a sweet guy who find Cath special despite her quirkiness.

“I choose you over everyone.”

I KNOW, I KNOW. It sounded so cheesy but damn, can you even blame me if i fall for him?!

There’s also her father, who has a bipolar disorder which is why Cath always worry about him being alone in the house. I know how hard it is for her to be away in college while having to think about “what if” something happen at home since i also live away from home. So i feel like i can relate her life with my own and it just so good to find a little similarities with something from the book, you know? Like she also doesn’t go out for drinks or smokes, just like me ;p

I’m really glad that she didn’t give up on college just because she doesn’t like the idea of change, be in a different place, out from her comfort zone and all. Just like what i said before, i know exactly how hard it is at the beginning, to get used to with new place, friends, schedule, and everything. But you know what? that’s life. You should face it and slay it instead of giving up. On the other hand, i love how Cath and Wren relationship as twins finally back to normal since they’ve been falling apart because of everything.

“You’re my best friend. You know. Build-in for life.”

But yeah it’s really good to see Cath progression from beginning to the end of the book where she finally able to open her heart to new people, new experiences and how she started to write her own story that came from her heart. However, (this is MY opinion) i don’t like the idea of having Simon Snow story in this book since i just want to focus more on Cath, not her fan-fiction, you know? I don’t think it is necessary to put too much of the story on this book since it just confusing and not really relatable with the book itself.

So far, i like this book since there was not too much drama and fast-paced read just like what i need at the moment! I will give this book 3/5 stars because i know we all can understand Cath and the whole fandom thing!

“I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off.”

-Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

I hope you like this post, please let me know what you guys think of Cath in the comment below 😉

Take it easy guys, stay safe and i see you soon!

Cheers! X



One thought on “Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Hi, kak Icha! I really liked some of your post about books review. Considered that i really into those young-adult and fict books, you give me such a reference of what book i must have;) but… Theres not available for some of your books you had in Indonesia..:(

    Hope you have an amazing day,kak😊


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